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Laughter Seminars

Laughter relaxes the body, invokes pleasant feelings, and enlivens the mind. Such a state allows us to access our human potential and thus to achieve astonishing feats.


Learn more about the science of laughter:

on BBC News and Psychology Today

Laughter seminars...

teach laughing exercises and a playful approach to «laughing without a cause».
The positive effect of these activities on concentration, prowess, and the creativity of the participants is astonishing!


Laughter seminars are an as yet little known but highly efficient tool to support the work within any kind of group in companies or educational institutions. 

Laughter seminars are of a very clear and simple structure and can thus be adapted to the most differing needs with ease.

Combining them with other kinds of seminars is very well possible. Laughter seminars or short laughing events are most suited for:
Conferences (with any number of participants): enlivening, relaxing and enhancing the effectiveness.

Retreats: getting up to working speed within a very short time.
Creative meetings: energizing during slack times and generally accessing the creative potential of participants.
Team development processes: getting started and accelerating them.
Clarification processes: empower the dynamics of the process.

Irrespective of the kind and duration of an event, laughter seminars and short laughing events are always structured along the same lines.

The course of a laughter seminar:

  • A short theoretical introduction helps to arouse the participant's curiosity and establishing an accepting attitude. It involves astonishing and unknown historical and medical facts about laughter.
  • Simple but entertaining exercises for both body and voice.
  • The last phase serves to integrate the achieved effect and is always adapted to the audience and the setting.
  • Some of the possibilities are: • «anchoring exercises» from the field of mental training, • heme-specific animations that lead back to «normal work», • perception exercises that lead to calm and concentration.

Important note:

laughter seminars do not gloss over difficulties and problems cynically or with ignorance. Quite on the contrary, they strengthen the participant's own resources so that they can face difficulties and problems with a new attitude. Therefore, laughter seminars can prove very efficient in companies at times of crises, too.


Costs for laughter seminars and laughter trainings are to be negotiated. They depend on the character of the event, i.e. the length and structure of the training.


 "We have a lot of know-how, but hardly any know why"


On a computer, you usually press the RESET button when the system crashes or when you want to tidy up the hard drive a bit.
Now, we humans are not computers, but we should also "tidy up" ourselves again and again - preferably before the system crashes...

RESET slows down and relaxes.

Stress costs the individual health and zest for life, and the Swiss economy suffers damage amounting to almost CHF 8 billion annually as a result of stress.
"Job Stress Index 2018:  More than a quarter of all employed persons in Switzerland (29.1%) are fairly or very exhausted."
(HR-Today Newsletter February '19)

RESET is a compact, handy offer for companies, schools and institutions.

Simple centering and relaxation techniques, which can be integrated individually and without much effort into everyday life.
The Corona-Shutdown has also shown that RESET can be communicated easily and with great success via Zoom!
In these turbulent, uncertain times, it is important not to drive yourself crazy and to know ways to keep yourself in tune.

RESET stands for
-  Presence
-  Mindfulness
-  Concentration
-  Acceptance
-  Relaxation
-  and again Relaxation: In order to be able to respond to challenges, a certain amount of tension is usually an advantage. But this tension can easily turn into over-tension or even cramps; this state usually does not produce anything pleasant.


How does that work?


No matter whether on site (live) or online via zoom: I convey the most important facts on the topic, instruct the exercises and deliver a comprehensive script.


•   For example (!) in 15-minute portions, three times a week, over the course of a month. (3 h)
Before work, during breaks, or during working hours - donated by the employer.

    (online via zoom.)

     CHF 900

•   3 one-hour course units within one month: introduction, consolidation, anchoring.

    (On site live or online via zoom.)

     CHF 900 (excl. travel expenses)

•   One-time inputs, 2-3 hours should be scheduled here. (Only On site live)

     CHF 750 - 900 (excl. travel expenses)

•   Train The Trainer: Training of individual employees so that they can pass on RESET within the company and, for example, install daily exercise 5-minute sessions for interested parties. (On site live or online via zoom.)

    Prices according to expenditure

•   (Occasional refreshers are useful).

It's good for you
... if you are concerned about the balance of your employees,
... if you want to counteract the stress and hectic pace of everyday work,
... if you would like to integrate RESET as an enriching input or "short vacation" into a conference, training or retreat
Whether company, school or institution, a RESET fits in every environment (and on every monitor...)
A handful of participants* or several hundred, - the size of the group does not matter.

RESET has proven its worth, for example, for 16 years now at the HKB (Bern University of Applied Sciences), where it is open to students of all disciplines. The module is regularly heavily booked.


A good coaching spares you from advice, does not spread advisory punches.


I listen to you. With eyes and ears, with brains, belly and heart. And let you know what comes to my mind.

I ask you the questions that will make you discover the answers.

I serve you as a partner and punching bag on which you can try out your arguments or suggestions for solutions.

I am your audience that critically faces your appearance/presentation during the preparation phase - and tells you where you should gain weight and how, or where restraint would be appropriate.

I correct and optimize the script of your presentation or PowerPoint presentation.

I enjoy conversations on foot and in nature. But you determine the setting, its' up to you.
The Corona shutdown also taught me that the exchange via Skype or Zoom also works quite well.

I am not reinventing the wheel. As a coach, I simply live my interpretation of well-known principles:
"A good coach is good at listening, observing and reading between the lines. He puts the reins on his own judgment.
Through his sincere interest in the client's problems and goals, he elicits the "right" goals from the client or develops them together with him. ("Right" goals are clearly formulated, realistic and motivating.) He knows how to give digestible feedback and values a relationship with the client based on trust and respect. He also provides a structure and guideline during the coaching process."

curious about a little secret?  Keep it simple, it's hard enough!